The Real Estate Trust at Silicon Valley Community Foundation can help you choose the right approach to giving real estate.

We help you determine the timing and details of your gift. Together we identify the charitable purposes of your philanthropic fund or the organizations you want to benefit. Once your property is sold, the proceeds of your gift may be placed in your named fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation or contributed directly to the charity of your choice.

Consider the following goals that you can accomplish with a gift of real estate:

Receive income for life

The community foundation can use the real estate gift to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust or CRT. With a CRT, your irrevocable donation yields substantial tax benefits and an income stream for the remainder of your life and the life of your partner or other family member.

Use your will or living trust for estate tax relief and a lasting legacy

Make a charitable gift of real estate through your will or living trust. You avoid potential future estate taxes and your family avoids dealing with the upkeep and sale of the property, liability insurance and property taxes. You can provide instructions to the Real Estate Trust at Silicon Valley Community Foundation in your will or trust about the type of fund you want to establish with the proceeds from the sale of real estate.

If you are interested in including your real estate in your estate plan, we can supply suggested legal language for your attorney.

Remain in your home, relieve tax burdens with a retained life estate

A retained life estate is a special type of gift that allows you to retain the use of your property for the remainder of your life. By donating property to the Real Estate Trust while you are still alive, you receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the current fair market value of the property. Upon your passing, the property will be sold and the resulting funds will benefit the causes you care about most.

Additional Tax Benefits

An outright gift of real estate can provide multiple tax benefits, such as: a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the donated property; avoidance of capital gains tax; and/or, avoidance of potential future estate taxes on the gifted property.

Simplify your giving with a charitable fund

You can make an outright gift of real estate to establish a fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Your property can benefit many charities and provide multiple tax benefits. Determine your desired level of involvement. Get expert advice and world-class donor services from our staff.

Save capital gains, help the community through a bargain sale

In a bargain sale, you sell your property to the community foundation for less than fair market value. The transaction is part sale and part gift. You receive cash for the sale price and the gap between the fair market value and the sale price becomes your charitable donation.